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Jennifer and Family

What if you were to wake up one morning and find that the person you were closest to in this world had died? With no notice, no goodbye, nothing. What would you do? Where would you turn? How would you live? What would you believe about life, and death? How would you go on?

As an accomplished athlete, businesswoman, and mother, author Jennifer Hawkins believed she had everything until one morning she woke up to find her husband lying lifeless in their bed.  Shaken to her core, Jennifer struggled to put her shattered world back together, rebalancing relationships with friends, family, and her own children as she came to grips with the vacuum left by the loss of her husband.

Jennifer teetered on the brink of despair, until she heard a voice - a voice she never thought she would hear again.  It was the voice of her husband, who in six simple words told her of the tragedy that would have occurred had he stayed.  How his leaving saved a life, one whose loss would have had ripple effects that were inconceivable.

Few memoirs deliver such an inspirational message of loss and redemption, of sorrow, mercy, and reawakening.

Jennifer's story suggests that love never dies. That our world is not as distant from the afterlife as we now believe, and that life is meant to be lived and lived fully in the moment. Her story shows how love can bridge the gap between our world and the vast nurturing universe that lies beyond. And that most of all, there can be a reason for every single thing that happens, even if in the moment a reason seems impossible.  



*Photo of author by Amy Melsa