Today is the ten year anniversary of the day that Mark and I got married. It was a beautiful star filled night with so much love in the air it felt like we were walking around on marshmallow clouds.

Yesterday I was extremely sad, missing Mark, our time together, the laughter, his touch. I started crying and Connor saw me. He walked over and hugged me and said, “What’s wrong Mommy?”

I said, “Well, ten years ago tomorrow your Daddy and I got married. And I’ve been thinking about him a lot today and I really miss him.”
Then Connor said, “I miss him too.” and started to cry too. We just held each other and cried.

Then Brannon yells from the other room, “Hey! What’s going on?!”

I didn’t say anything but then he came in and saw Connor and I crying. He said, “What’s wrong?” I told him what I’d told Connor but with both of them holding me I also said, “But you know what the best thing about that day was?” And they both looked at me with their bright clear eyes. I said, “That it made it possible for me and Daddy to have you two. And you two boys are the most special thing in my life. I love you.”

Then we finished our night together.

This morning when Brannon came into my room he said, “Mommy did you go in your closet yet?”

I didn’t know what he was talking about so I went in. He had posted a note that said, “Happy Anavrsry Mommy!” on the back of the door. What a kid. He was beaming.

Then I told them to go get ready for school. I got dressed and then checked to make sure they were dressed. I opened Brannon’s door and of course he was sitting on the floor in his pajamas. My blood pressure started to rise. I said, “Hey, will you please get dressed for school?”

He said, “Did you go work on your computer yet?” I said, “No.” And walked into my office. On my desk was a note that said, “Thank you for my lif Mommy.” My heart melted. Right then he walked in the office behind me and saw me crying, and so did Connor. They hugged me.

Sometimes life just takes care of you if you let it. And, you are welcome for your life Brannon. I’m sure your Daddy feels the same way.

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