In honor of today 11-11-11, I wanted to take a different tack on my blog. I think the human race is on a path of change and so I wanted to foster that change in the direction I’d most like to see us go as a team.

A couple of days ago I ran into a couple of friends and they told me that they stopped reading my blog because it always made them cry. That was an eye opening comment because my aspiration in life is to make people happy, and that sure didn’t fit.

I realized that I’ve been sharing some of the more gripping, and therefore heart wrenching, experiences from my life in the hopes that they would be eye opening for people. Mainly I wanted to push home the point of treasuring every moment you have here on this earth in this body. But in the process I may have alienated some. And that is completely contrary to the point!

So here goes: The boys and I are so amazingly happy it is hard to describe. We miss Mark, yes, but we also remember him and think of him and talk about him with deep love. He brought joy to our lives both when he was physically here and after. That is the gift the boys and I want to share with the world. That is the gift that matters.

Mark taught me, and through me, the boys, that having a body is something to honor, respect and pay attention to. It is the greatest joy possible. The gifts of touch, smell, sight, hearing, tasting and feeling our emotions are unique to being in a body, and so, for this journey, they are everything.

If you would, please play a little game with me. It will take just one minute right now. Look around, really see what is in your presence, both people and objects, take a deep breath and smell what you smell, feel what is touching your body even if it is just your clothing or chair, when you take your first bite at your next meal really taste the flavors, be courageous and feel your emotions. Are you happy, sad, wondrous, excited, angry? This experience we are having is miraculous. What I notice when I do this is that the world feels so full, overwhelmingly full…of love. And it’s not in the ‘specific’ places I thought it would be. It is everywhere, enveloping us.

Take a moment and see if you can experience bliss, right now, exactly how things are, without changing a thing, except for your deeper experience.

Love and light always. Have a Happy 11-11-11.


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