When my best friend came for my husband’s memorial I told her about the conversations I’d been having with him since he died. I told her what he had told me about why he had left. She looked at me and said, “I have chills.” I knew she believed what I was saying.

About three months later I was talking to her on the phone and telling her more of the things he had revealed to me.
I told her how I felt closer to him than I ever had, even when he was alive.

When I finished talking with her she said, “You have to write a book. And fast.”
I didn’t understand.

She said, “You know I work as a physical therapist right?
“Did you know I work in an emergency room situation?”
“No, I didn’t know that.”
She went on, “I’ve been telling people about what you told me. People who have lost someone or who are possibly going to lose someone, and even people who may die in the near future.”
I was wide eyed.
“You have GOT to get this story down on paper. Every time I tell people what happened they are amazed, not only that, they tell me they are relieved, and they all seem so much happier. You have to share this with the world Jen.”
My chest constricted. I couldn’t imagine sharing this story with strangers. I had barely told my family. I was terrified with the thought. What would people think? I still thought I might be a little crazy.
But she kept talking. “Jen, it will make a huge difference in people’s lives. You can’t keep it only for yourself.”
And in that moment, with those words, I knew she was right, even though I was scared I knew that this story would be a book.
I hope it brings you peace, love and relief. That is what it is intended to do.

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