I’ve started getting feedback from people about the book. I have always wondered what they would think after reading the story. As an author you never know if what you have written will touch people. But you hope.

I wrote “The Gift Giver” to help people with dealing with the loss of a loved one. I had a twinge of an idea that it could help people in other areas too but didn’t have any evidence.

I read through the reviews on Amazon.com and the months and months of work seemed so worth it. One woman said she no longer takes her husband for granted. Another said she’s had a fear of losing a loved one her whole life but after reading the book she knows it would be ok.

These were the kinds of thoughts and feelings I wanted to evoke in the reader. But as an author you never know if you are accomplishing that goal.

And then, yesterday I was on the phone with the woman who is the lead on my book for publicity. She said she read the whole book and it was a very quick read. I smiled, because I wanted to make it engrossing as well.

Then she said something that made me take a deep breath and slowly let it out. She said, “I was with my friend last weekend and I told her about your story. When I finished my friend said, ‘I have chills’. And I looked down at her arms and the hairs were standing on end.”

This is the experience I’ve had with virtually every person I’ve told the story to. But. I’ve never had someone tell me that THEY told someone and that happened.

I felt like I’d somehow managed to create something that would get the message out and it was close enough to my actual experience that it was doing it effectively. I’m so happy that the book can now speak for me and speak to a lot of people.

Thank you Mark, again. Your life and presence is still changing the world.

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