When I tell people what happened after my husband died, I usually get the same response. It still surprises me when it happens. They say, “I’ve got chills on my arms.” I don’t know why it’s the same for so many people. Maybe he’s around when I am talking about it, or maybe it’s just so shocking that people are physically touched.

The next most common thing that happens is they ask me if I “heard” him. They want to try to wrap their mind logically around my experience. But I know in my heart that it is very difficult to get a logical mind around hearing the voice of someone who has died. The first time especially was a shocking event for me. It was shocking because the information he gave me was so succinct, so immediate, and so contrary to anything that I could have ever imagined that it just had to be true. I felt it was impossible that the information came from within my own mind.

So, I answer, “Yes, I heard him. But not outside of my head. Just in my head.” If you had been in the room you wouldn’t have heard it. I don’t think…

So how do I know it’s true?

Honestly I don’t. At times, I still question it to this day. And so should you. Question everything. Ultimately the only thing that is true for me, is my own experience.

His communication has at times been a bandage for a gaping wound, and at others a brighter light in an already bright moment. I’m grateful for his presence.

I’m grateful for this life. I’m even grateful for you.

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