It’s always tricky on holidays. Father’s Day is one of the toughest. All of us were kind of in a funk. It happens. It’s part of our life. But when you are in the middle of it there is still a lot of pain.

The boys each made a card for Mark. Brannon’s says, “I love you. I wish you had a longer life. Sorry you died.” Such a sincere direct message.

Connor’s says, “Happy Father’s Day Daddy. I really really wish you were still here. Love Connor. P.S. My stomach hurts!” And so did mine. He said he wrote it as a joke. Laughed when he did but he’s also, very honest and in touch with his body.

Brannon wanted to shoot his into the sky with a rocket launcher. We didn’t have a powerful enough one so we settled for tossing it up. He wasn’t satisfied.

So, he said we could just put it on the box that Daddy is in. Uh! Another hard swallow.

Connor said, “When Daddy gets bored with them in a couple of weeks we can put them into the drawer where we keep his special stuff.”

My kids are so smart. Happy Father’s Day Mark.
We love you. We feel the empty space from you and also feel you. You were and are a great Father.

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