Just Coffee…

About a month ago I met a friend for coffee. The intention was to discuss his filming a video trailer for “The Gift Giver” book. We spent three and a half hours talking and only ten minutes were about the trailer…

So what happened?

Two minutes after we sat down he said, “So Jennifer, what is the ‘take away’ from your book?”

In the first instant I thought, “Jeez, there is so much in it I don’t know.” But then I heard the words come out of my mouth as if they had been waiting and waiting to be released.

“I want people who already believe that you can communicate with a lost loved one to feel supported, and I want those who don’t believe to move just one tiny step closer to believing.”

He looked at me and smiled. I said, “Knowing that Mark was communicating with me was instrumental in my healing. I want that for other people. And I want them to live with that belief because it opens up the world. Life becomes more magical, fun, alive, joyful and full of light.”

He just kept smiling. I wasn’t prepared for his next comment.

“Well, then why don’t you teach people how you do it?”

I said, “You mean how I believe?”

He said, “Well, that yes but also how you actually communicate with him. You obviously have done something specific and that ‘something’ may make all the difference in the world for another person. Share it! Be the person who brings this idea mainstream. In some cultures it already is, but not in ours. Lead the way.”

I could feel my throat constricting. What he was suggesting was not something that I’d ever considered. And…it was big. It felt much bigger than me. And it felt scary. I’d put my heart and soul on the pages of “The Gift Giver” and that took a lot of courage. But this seemed a little much. I’m a logical, down to earth, normal person. What would people think?

And even as all of the doubts came tumbling in I knew deep down, below the doubts, below the fear that this was my path. The fact that I was a ‘normal, down to earth’ person was WHY I should be the one to raise awareness.

I’m not a medium or a psychic however I am able to communicate with my deceased husband pretty much whenever I need or want to. There is great relief, joy, and peace in that ability.

As I was walking out I thought maybe I’d ask Mark what he thought. I heard, “Woo hoo!!!” And I smiled.

So, I am going to teach people exactly what I do.

My new website is going to be called, “Let the Light In Jen” and will be up and running with courses and everything in the next few weeks.

I’m SUPER EXCITED to share these ideas, beliefs, and even exercises with the world!

Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun ride.

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