There is incredible power in the gift I am going to share with you. You may have moments where you start laughing hysterically, break into tears of joy, feel deep relief, reach an understanding that was previously unclear, or feel pure excitement.

Do not be fooled because this tool is so easy and doesn’t take much time. It has the ability to completely change your mood, attitude and life. You will begin to understand it’s power more and more each time you use it. I have made a habit of using this tool once a year in January for the last 23 years…because it works.

Let’s begin:

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and get in a comfortable seat. Read through this first part and then do it. Then move on to part two.

Part 1: Write down everything you did last year. Just start listing everything from the simplest chore to the most elaborate vacation and everything in between. If you think of it, write it down. Do not edit! The moment you say, “That doesn’t count, or that wasn’t really doing something” your mind stops spitting out the items. You want it to be a brainstorming flow of items. Write them ALL down.

You will get to a point where the list feels complete. This probably will not take more than 5-10 minutes. Do not second guess when you are done. If you think of more things you can add them to the list later, just leave some space.

When you feel finished with the list lay down for a minute and relax. Let your mind relax. Give yourself a hand, pat on the back, toast, whatever. You accomplished a great deal. Acknowledge it, feel it. Make sure to do this part. It is possibly the most important part of the exercise. It allows you to move forward. Do not let a whole year of accomplishments go unacknowledged. You did it!!!

Part 2:

Ok, now I want you to sit back down and spend the next few minutes writing down what you want to accomplish this year. Again, NO filters. Do not stop yourself from writing something down that comes to mind. You can always cross things off later. You want your mind to dump it all out. Even if it sounds crazy, too small or completely unattainable.

There is one thing that does not change from year to year in my results of doing this exercise. I find each year, that the things I REALLY want to accomplish or experience happen relatively effortlessly. So, don’t worry about anything that comes up, just write it down.

Here is the hardest part for me, yet extremely important. Once you have finished your list, put it aside. You don’t need to think about the things you wrote. You don’t have to review the list. You can if you wish later, but you have done the mental work and put your order out into the universe. Let the list go. Trust that you and the universe will create the things you truly desire. Now go out and enjoy your life! You deserve everything you ever wanted.

Love and light,

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