As we go into the fall season here in central Texas I’m reminded of how weather has affected mine and Mark’s lives.

The night before we were married there was a huge thunderstorm that rattled through our town. Mark, who was raised in Texas, barely noticed. But not me, I adore the storms. My best friend Tab, who is also from California, and I watched out the windows in wonder.

For me the excitement of the lightening and thunder were a sign of the excitement that was brewing as Mark and I got ready to join our lives together in marriage.

Just seven and a half years later, the morning Mark died was a bright and sunny winter morning. Yet I was devastated, and cursed at God for letting it be so beautiful when my husband had been taken from me. Until…several hours after Mark passed away, I was sitting in our bedroom with our two young boys, explaining as best I could what had happened. It was then that I realized the bright sunlight was saving me. It brought strength into my bones and body like it never had before. It held me. It warmed my soul, which might not have been able to survive those hours without it.

A week later, on the night before Mark’s memorial service there was a thunderstorm much like the one the night before our wedding. And, like the night before our wedding, my best friend and I sat watching and listening to it with our hearts pounding. The similarities were uncanny. This time I took it as a sign that Mark was ok. And he was.

The next morning at the memorial service mother nature flipped back and forth between a light drizzle and beautiful sunshine streaming down on the 400 plus people who were there. My friends later told me that the sun would shine down when they saw me smile, or talk fondly of Mark. And that it seemed to rain whenever someone was speaking about him and upset.

This fall I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful to be here to experience all of the wonder that the Universe and Mother Nature have to offer. I’m grateful for the sunshine and the rain. I hope you take a little time to notice how nature is reflecting your feelings, and the vice-versa. It is a beautiful dance.

The attached photo is of my two best friends who I was with at a concert last weekend in the RAIN. (It was taken on what would have been Mark and my 11th wedding anniversary.)

Love and Light,

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