This morning my yoga teacher put us into a very hard pose, and left us in it for a long time. When I was about ready to fall over and cry from exerting so much effort, she moved us into the next pose. My mind screamed, “Thank God!” And then I heard my awesome teacher say, “Enjoy the release.” And something in me woke up.

I knew that as part of the class she meant we should enjoy the experience of the physical release of the effort. Which her comment made me realize I did, immensely! My legs were now tingling rather than burning and it felt wonderful. But my teacher takes her physical yoga ideas into other areas of her life. Which tends to make me do the same. And I kept thinking about her words.

“Enjoy the release.” What a novel idea.

You mean instead of having to force myself to ‘let go’, or make myself ‘relax’, or be relieved something is over, or sad something is over, or mad something is over that I can just enjoy the release? I can just enjoy whatever it is I am experiencing without adding anything else to it?

Yes. I can. I still am. It feels like rapture!

I’ve always thought that releasing things, feelings, expectations, ideas, beliefs sometimes, and even people has had to take effort. That it must be work in some sense. That there is something ‘negative’ I have to go through to get to the other side of letting go. I never thought I could just enjoy it.

But now I know, all you have to do is just feel the release, experience the actual sensations and let them be a part of you. You don’t have to try to force it or manipulate it or even push it. Just enjoy it. What freedom! What grace. What an astounding feeling.

And here is the most beautiful little side note… enjoy the holding too.

Love and light,

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