Hi there beautiful amazing being,

I typically blog about something that has happened in my life, like Connor having a butterfly on his nose or Brannon asking me if we have any iron in the house during a thunderstorm. (He had heard the story of Benjamin Franklin and was concerned the house was going to get hit by lightening.)

But today, instead of talking about my first two children, I’m going to shamelessly promote my most recent child, and offer you a special gift for reading this blog.

In the last three months I have birthed something. It will help people have more peace, love and joy in their lives. It will help people open to the magic of this universe and their own light, and the light of their lost loved one’s.

If you have been following my posts for any time you may remember when I posted about a friend suggesting I become the ‘go to’ person that brings “Learning afterlife communication” mainstream. Well, maybe I didn’t put it like that…but he did.

I’ve now ‘written’ those courses. I say written lightly, because in reality, they flowed out of me even when I didn’t want to be working on them. But the exciting news is they are NOW available to be downloaded as both e-books you can read immediately, and mp3 audios you can listen to on your ipod or computer!

Complete Series

Here is the video I posted on my home page. I hope you give yourself the 1 minute it takes to watch, and also that you sign up for my ‘free tips’ videos and video blog.


As a special “gift” to those of you who have followed “The Gift Giver” if you, or anyone you refer, purchases any course, or the full package of all 4 sections, in the next 48 hours, (By 12 noon CST on May 10) and then sends me an email, on that site, letting me know you read about this special, I will refund 40% of the price you paid for the course!

Have a great week!
Love and Light to you,

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