April has unarguably been the busiest month in my entire life. And yet amongst the whirlwind of activity we adopted a new dog from the pound. Jasmine.

When we brought her home I realized she wasn’t going to be satisfied with running around the back yard. That she would require lots of walks, and even runs on occasion. So, several mornings a week after dropping off the boys at school instead of rushing to work, (like I should have been) I’ve been heading to the park for a fast half hour or so trot with my ball of energy.

Today while strolling along in the morning light I watched as Jasmine went back and forth in front of me smelling every last weed and flower. We rounded a curve in the path and I was forced to a stop. The field of wildflowers that has been slowly popping to life had literally exploded with color.

I couldn’t go on. Instead, after brushing aside my initial thought that it would be weird to sit down on a path that is for hiking, I sat down, right in the middle of the dirt path to take it all in for a few minutes.

What happened in the next moment transformed my reality. While the beauty of the flowers were still permeating my skin there was something more profound that appeared as my eyes moved from five feet above the ground to two. A magical city of spider webs twinkled in the sunlight. They were linked together and were covering the entire field. They were impossible to see while standing, but unable to miss while sitting on the ground.

There was a whole world that was invisible when I was rushing by. And the moment I shifted and stopped for a moment and took in the absolute magnificence around me and did something a little abnormal, it appeared as clear as day.

Jasmine has been a bright light in our world. Today was no exception. After enjoying the moment some, I picked a few of the flowers, brought them home and put them in a vase on the kitchen table. They are there to remind me to not only stop, but to do something different every day. Even if it is as simple as sitting where I ‘should’ be hiking. Because within experimentation there is life, and joy, and beauty… and surprises!

Love and light,

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