The Gift Giver

Mark Hawkins was born in Texas in 1959. He lived his whole life in Texas and wouldn’t have had it any other way. He knew when he was twelve that he wanted to go to Texas A&M and at eighteen he did. He worked at the Waxahachie Glass Factory during summers to pay for his own tuition.

After graduating he worked in Houston for fifteen years and then was head-hunted out by a company in Austin. There he met and married Jennifer and they had two children.

Mark was a man who loved life. He smiled every day. He knew bank teller’s and waiter’s names. He waved at his neighbors. He held his wife’s hand at every opportunity. He got down on the floor and wrestled with his boys. He lived.

And, he gave gifts. In life…and in death.

Thank you Mark for everything you have ever done for me, the boys, and everyone whose life you have touched and continue to touch. You are extraordinary.

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