A couple of weeks ago the boys and I took a trip to Hawaii. One morning after we finished our breakfast next to the pond with hammerhead sharks, we decided to take a stroll.

As we meandered our way down the path in front of our hotel we quickly realized that the path was coming to an end. There was a sharp drop-off of about three feet that went through a few bushes. And there was a sign. It said, “Warning, you are now leaving the property, enter at your own risk.”

My oldest, the ‘rules’ kid, said, “Mommy, we have to turn back.”

My youngest and I both smiled. I said, “We could go check out what is beyond the path?”

With a hint of fear but a definite glimmer in his eye my oldest said, “Are you sure?”

My answer was to start making my way down the drop-off.

Both boys followed me and after a bit of maneuvering we emerged from the bushes into what I can only say was the most naturally beautiful place we saw on our entire trip.

The cove had deep soft sand with sharp rocks and tide pools embracing the edges. Waves were crashing into the rocks creating a gentle spray that was licking our faces.

All three of us were speechless for quite some time. When one of us finally spoke it was my youngest and he said, “Can we go explore the tide pools?!?”

I said, “Absolutely”.

Over the next few days we ended up spending many hours in the cove we’d found. The boys observed all types of sea life, and I took in the breathtaking scenery and watched them explore. On one occasion I looked up into the sky and saw a gorgeous rainbow, and thought, “Yep, Mark is getting this.”

On the last morning of our trip I was sitting in the cove feeling the warm sun on my face and the cool breeze blow through my hair, and I had the thought, “I’m so grateful that we ‘risked’ going off the path. It would have been so easy to stay where we were ‘supposed’ to stay. But by being open and excited about something unknown and possibly ‘risky’ we found peace, beauty, joy and honestly, love. We found life.”

I’m quite certain that getting off the ‘path’ is the way to deepen and enrich your life. Keep this in mind whenever you have a chance to take a ‘risk’.



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