It seems as if life always has a way of reminding me that it is magical.

For the last few months I’ve been keeping an eye on the homes for sale around my house. My parents are moving to town in the next couple of years and we would love for them to live near us.

One day about two months ago I received an email saying the home next to mine was going up for sale. My heart started racing. I thought, “It’s a sign! It would be so great to have my parents next door!”

Long story short, I got the home under contract, but after ten days of struggling and strife I finally realized it wasn’t going to work. And in the middle of lots of tears, I let go of that home.

In the process of that struggle some very important issues around financing arose. And even though I decided against getting that home for my parents, I continued to work on the financial issues. Two weeks ago they all resolved.

The next day, I went for a walk with a friend and we saw a “coming soon” sign on a home. The home was only half a mile from ours, and it had a pool and stunning views. And, as if the universe was trying to flag me down, I realized that I knew the real estate agent who was selling the home. I had worked at the same company as him twenty years ago.

This time, there wasn’t the racing of my heart, there was instead a calm knowing. This was the home. This was meant to be. And, the first home, as soon as I let it go, enabled me to get the perfect home. Because now the financing issues were handled.

I’ve found this to be a common theme. That when I hold on to something difficult, turmoil and chaos abound. And as soon as I let the difficult thing go, and breathe, and accept that possibly, just possibly, the difficult thing was not supposed to be in my life, that it then becomes a stepping stone to get to the wonderful, easy, right thing. Miracles happen. The universe relaxes when I relax and beauty, peace and abundance come through.

Thank you for this clarity. And thank you Mark, for when I let go of you, something magical and beautiful also came in. That beautiful thing was me. Prior to letting you go, I’d lost myself in the chaos of grief and denial. When I felt acceptance for what was, instead of denial or a fight, I was able to see the miracles that were around me.

I feel like the home with the view says it all… let go, and everything comes into perspective.

Love and light,

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