There is a chapter in the book called “Time Bombs”. It talks about how the boys would suddenly react to something that had been sitting in their world for months but for some reason on this day they would be shaken to their core with sorrow.

I had a moment like that three days ago.

I was driving home from a trip out to West Texas and was listening to music. The song that came on was Shawn Mullins “Lullaby”. The lyrics went to the chorus where he said over and over, “Everything is gonna be alright”

I’d heard the song countless times in the last two years. Without any major response. This time I instantly was taken to three days after Mark passed away when Brannon was crying uncontrollably for three hours.

I held him, rocked him and said over and over and over and over, “Everything is gonna be alright…” Until my arms were numb and my throat cracked.

Both on that day, and three days ago tears were streaming down my face and falling off my chin like a faucet.

Once you have held a child and tried to convince them and yourself that everything will be alright even though they have lost a parent, everything else seems easy. Everything.

Time bombs don’t stop going off with time. I’m learning.

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