In the last two weeks I’ve had two people read the book who I have never met. This has not happened much over the course of the last year since I finished the original first draft. Therefore I have not had much ‘unbiased’ feedback.

However, these two have touched me deeply.

The first is a woman who also lost her husband unexpectedly. My bookkeeper is friends with her and asked if she could read the book. I reluctantly gave her a copy. (As I don’t have many copies of the advanced reader)

The next time my bookkeeper came to my house she said. “Jen, I need to tell you something. I gave your book to my friend and she read it. We were supposed to go to lunch last Sunday but when I called her to confirm she said she couldn’t go. I was worried something was wrong so I asked her why.”

“She said, ‘Because I’m reading the book you gave me. I’m sitting here on the couch and I have hardly moved since I started it. And it is helping me so much I don’t want to stop reading it until I finish it.”

As my bookkeeper was telling me this tears were streaming out of my eyes and I was shaking. I felt like it didn’t matter if anyone else ever read the book. All of the work I’d done was worth it. If it could touch one person enough.

The second person is the personal assistant of one of the people I had asked for an endorsement. She sent me an email on Wednesday and told me that the person could not do the endorsement because they didn’t ever endorse something without reading the whole book, and they didn’t have time with my deadline for printing. I was a little disappointed but not surprised. I had asked some prominent people and knew they were very busy.

Two days later she CALLED me. She said, that no, her employer had not read the book but she had. And she loved it! She said she couldn’t put it down, that she took it everywhere with her for two days and finished it.

Her call meant the world to me. It is all worth it.

Thank you,

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